Tuesday, 12 March 2013

high and mighty

Helmut Newton for Vogue US 1995, images via the fashion spot

A little bit of editorial content for you today, thanks to the documentary I watched last night about the Editors of Vogue. Definitely worth a pop if you get a chance.

Onto the editorial itself; shot by Helmut Newton and featuring a lot of scary looking heels metal instruments, it sets out to highlight the potential dangers of heels.* A little severe and a little more controversial than that, it's pretty hard hitting and definitely an editorial after my own heart. I don't wear heels, and this editorial firmly cements my faith in the flat. Luckily for me, I've no long-standing injuries other than two weak ankles due to twists and sprains.

What this article makes apparent, however, is not that we need to take good care of our ankles and walk carefully, but that you can't underestimate Vogue for making an editorial about so much more than the shoes.

*Well, I suppose only sky scraper heels, as I'm pretty sure a kitten heel is relatively harmless. Then again I fall over in flat shoes so I'm not really one to talk.

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Lady Stardust said...

great editorial!


Inspirations Have I None

dana dimitras said...

This photos are so cool :)

Nicole Nally said...

Looks like a great editorial. The ironic thing is that my ankle problems all came from accidents when I was barefoot or in flats

Charlotte Lewis said...

Love these pics :)

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