Thursday, 28 February 2013

prints charming

Images via, Collage by me.

...not to be confused with the ever elusive Prince Charming of Disney fame, we're talking Dior daahhhhling. Not Aladdin sparring with Jafar. Not that this makes it any less special.

So, Dior. Not a brand I usually find myself particularly OHEMGEE about, and it's worth noting (whilst we're here) that neither are florals. But there we go and here we are and OHEMGEE RAF.* Thanks for making a floral print that I actually want to wear. Flouncy Princess Skirt plus a Minimal Top, that's my kind of fashion Maths. Though I'd probably skip the scarf; one can only handle too much feminine dressing at a time. Now where's the High Street interpretation?

What do you guys think?

*Not so OHEMGEE about the whole collection, more these dresses specifically.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very nice blog!

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M. Parker said...

I think the pairing of stark minimalist black and lovely feminine florals are perfect in these ensembles. I'd wear them too but maybe with my hair down in waves.

Stay fabulous! Looking forward to you March posts <3

kim bim said...


Katharina said...

Nice prints :)
Maybe we can follow each other??

Dressed with soul said...

This looks other - and I like this cuts! But maybe I´m a little bit too short to wear this great dresses ...


Istvanffy Emma said...

so cool post, I love your blog!!<3
would you like to follow each other via Bloglovin? let me know if you think it's a great idea:*
Emma xx