Wednesday, 19 December 2012

white - the encore

Vogue Italia, April 2010

When I get an idea of what I want to wear in my head - in this specific case, the colour white* - I more often than not make a collage of items (see previous post), and then visualise what it would look like in an editorial/if I were Anna Dello Russo.

So, there's the short but sweet logic behind today's post: a blast from the past editorial courtesy of Vogue Italia circa 2010. Isn't it SO good? I have to admit while searching for this I came over far more editorials of the Sports-Luxe variety, and to find this in a sea of stream-lined white minimalism was a dream come true for a fashion fantasist such as myself. When it comes to editorials I like a little bang for my buck if you know what I mean?

*Yes I'm aware that white may or may not techinically be a colour.

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