Wednesday, 13 October 2010

change of perspective

Back in lets say... March, not only did I not own any leopard print, but I would have told you that I never would. I hated it: fact. Fast forward a few months and not only am I wearing it but I own three whole pieces of leopard print clothing. Probably not a lot by normal standards, but for someone that never admits when they are wrong it's a big achievement! This shirt is my favourite piece of my admittedly small collection... I think I bought it for about £3 in a charity shop, and I have worn it a million different ways, most recently like this but with bare (gasp) legs, and a pair of velvet heels that are six inches high and a size too big. Major hobbling took place that night. I wish I had pictures from then as it looked much better... but copious amounts of alcohol meant pictures weren't my priority!

Apologies for the fact that it looks like I forgot my skirt... I was wearing a bodycon dress underneath but due to my awkward posing it decided to travel a little further north than is appropriate. Other apologies are for the fact that I took the photo in my bedroom, MySpace style, and that one of my legs looks twice as big as the other. I'm going to recruit my house-mate to take some better pictures in the near future since I blatantly fail with a self timer.


Viv said...

loving the leopard!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!
I actually really love it!! You always look so well put together :) And said housemate will gladly take some pictures! xxx

Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

Hi, that is so funny, I used to find leopard prints really cheezy, now they are all I wear :) I love your look!

<3 Anika