Monday, 23 August 2010

only when I hit the ground

If you've been wondering what I've been doing all summer, I've been searching for the perfect chunky, black, wedge.

Ok, so that's perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it has been occupying my mind for at least the past month! I started out (of course) looking at wedges on Topshop, and after nearly buying these and these, I decided that they weren't quite perfection! I mean I need a pair that can stand the battering that they'll recieve on my drunken outings at Uni, and I fall over alot.

Anyway, randomly today I realised that I already owned a pair of black wedges that I have never worn; stupid, right? The main reason for this it that the heel was wooden, and they looked kind of awkward. This didn't really matter when I bought them because they cost something stupid like £5! This also meant I wasn't particularly worried about ruining them; always great with a spur of the moment DIY. So I grabbed one of my beloved Sharpies (literally in the past hour), and set to work. I'm going to apologise now for the picture quality, my camera seems to be slowly dying and I'm crap with a self timer (part of the reason for no posting). Hopefully I'll be getting a DSLR in the near future though, so things can only get better!

So here are the wedges before the Sharpie attack:

And After:

I'm also wearing a pair of Zara combat leggings, and a vintage Wrangler denim shirt.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome considering I did this in about 15 minutes, and I now potentially don't have to shell out £70 for a pair of shoes! I was thinking about extending the DIY in the future by maybe embellishing the whole of the heel as I'm a sucker for sparkles, but then I wont have a black wedge! Dilemma.

Anyway, I'm back! Something more intriguing soon.

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Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

LOVE this! fab shoes, and thank god for magic markers hahha :)