Thursday, 13 May 2010

Midnight Request

Hey guys!
Life has been so hectic this past week! I finish Uni for summer tomorrow so I've been busy finishing assignments and revising for my exams (which didn't help at all; I've definitely failed).
I have a couple of more exciting posts that I've been planning, I just havent had the time to construct them yet! I'm heading home this weekend for summer so I'll definitely have sorted myself out by Sunday!
Until then, here are some pictures from my inspiration folder. I've been building it for a while, and unfortunately don't know all the sources!
I love this, ever since I found this picture on The Sartorialist I've been searching for a similar skirt - no such luck!

(Source: The Sartorialist)

I think Leighton Meester looks perfect in this, kind of trampy but then with perfect hair and shoes.
(Source: Unknown)

Here's what I'm planning on doing all of tomorrow before having a celebratory night out.
Although possibly looking less hot (and less male) than Adrian Grenier!

(Source: Unknown)

Last but by no means least, Happy Birthday to Robert Pattinson, who is looking mighty fine in a new spread for GQ South Africa!
(Source: Gq, South Africa)
(FYI, whilst I enjoy the odd Twilight indulgence, I am by no means a 'Twihard' and prefer R-Pattz when he is not playing a sparkly Vamp. He looks way better when he's dishevelled!)
Right I am (finally) going to Bed(fordshire).


Gazel M. said...

I find lots of skirts like that... or half-slips in thrift stores. You can try eBay too!

Moya2bean said...

beautiful! Love ur style so much

Sigh....sadly, i am a twihard...and i like Rob Patz as Edward, as himself, as a pizza boy...i just love that man...hes freakin sexy beyond means....*sigh*...i need to catch my!

LaCara said...

I agree, Robert looks better dishevelled hehehe...

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