Wednesday, 18 July 2012

singin' in the rain

Hands up, who else in England is sick of this weird rain/heat thing we've got going on? It's the worst.  I got all excited and semi-prepared for summer (see this post), only for there not to be one. Come on England, or are you saving it all for the Olympics?

Top: Topshop // Necklace: Marni // Bracelet: All Saints // Backpack: ASOS // 
Wedge Trainers: Giuseppi Zanotti // Umbrella: Lulu Guinness // Skirt: Derek Lam // Belt: ASOS

In case you were wondering, in my blogging absence (sorry about that...), I've been flouncing around in puddles wearing the above and collecting gimmick-ey umbrellas. Well, not really; I wish I was wearing the above, and I've only bought one gimmick-ey umbrella. It's from H&M and it has apples on, which, FYI, are my favourite fruit.

So, here's my ideal rain outfit, from the top: A tiny top because noone likes over heating. A flared leather skirt because it's fun to twirl in puddles and leather is waterproof... I hope. If I need to explain the umbrella then you clearly have no brain cells. Wedge trainers because it's good to be elevated above puddles, and I have a severe dislike for wellies.  The belt is purely decorative. As is the jewelery. Actually, the shoes probably are too as they're furry and so clearly not weatherproof. The backpack is to carry things; phone/wallet/keys/wellies incase of wet feet due to aforementioned furryness of the wedge trainers.

On a side note it probably would be wise to wear a jacket or something with this, as it may still be hot and muggy, but it's still not that hot. 

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Edita said...

Congrats! I adore that umbrella ;)

I wish that it stops raining soon... (dream on, dream on...)


Susie said...

This is an adorable look for a rainy day. To be honest, it's been so unbearably hot in the southern U.S. that I would love some serious rain right about now!

Sea and Swank

Remi said...

I just got a short black skirt and I was thinking of styling it similarly.Also I want an umbrella like that one ;)

Oliwia Jaworska said...

OMG! Amazing umbrella! ♥ Love it! ;)