Thursday, 17 May 2012


images: here

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I made a tumblr which only had pictures of fashion-y things that were green. This dream became a seed in my mind, which became a fully fledged tree which became something bigger than a tree... so, in short, I made one.

I have to say, until I made this tumblr I didn't quite realise how amazing green shoes are. Needless to say I now have an obsession, and after realising that - shock horror - I don't actually own any green shoes, I'm saving up for any or all of the above.

You can find my new 'green' tumblr here. Or my old (still in use) tumblr here. And whilst we're on the topic of social networking you can follow me on Twitter, 'like' me on Facebook or Pin me. Also, if you're feeling super duper nice you could nominate me for Best New Fashion Blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards. Or, none of the above; I'll still love you.


Charleston said...

killer green

Ellie said...

Love it!! your tumbler is amaaazing xx

mavi e basta said...

omg!!!i love all this shoes, and i want all of thme!!!!!
love your blog!!!
thaks for your visit to my blog!!
if you want we can follow each other, i follow you first!!!
kisses mavi

Space Cadet Betti said...

Holy crap, I've been in love with those Prada winged shoes since I saw them in Elle a couple of months back, but seeing them in green has pretty much blown my mind. How can one pair of shoes hold so much amazing?! I'll definitely be browsing your tumblr, you've passed your emerald passion on to me.
Hope it's not too long before you're able to snag some of these beauts :) xx

Anonymous said...

Love those green shoessss! Especially the versatile!
Your "green" tumblr is also amazing!

Davide said...

gorgeous shoes!!!
i like them!

Laura said...

I really love the green heels on the left! And your tumblr is totally amazing!
xoxo, Laura

the nyanzi report said...

beautiful shoes.

Angela said...

Wow!!! Super! J'aime vert!!!
Angela Donava

O meu pensamento viaja said...

I love your blog.
Shall we follow each other?

Mint Green said...

Gorgeous! I wish I had them all in my closet!
Mint Green