Tuesday, 24 April 2012

s'il vous plait

Primark £17

For those of us who can't afford real Mary Katrantzou (no, not even the Topshop stuff) here's a little bit of Primark love in the form of this wonderful knock-off. Yes you may have to sacrifice on fabric quality and print mixing* but what you lack in those areas you gain with a great conversation starter, people squeeling 'YOU GOT THAT FROM WHERE?!' and lots of fish. Lots and lots of fish. 

*Bearing in mind you can always print mix in other ways... clashing shoes/belt/bag/headpiece. The world is your clashing oyster.


AVY said...

Love the print, reminds me of Etro.



Strawberry Jam said...

Reminds me of heaven. I don't know why :}

The Fashion Scan said...

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Sarah said...

Omg I didn't realise primark were selling these, I am definitely going to be making a trip there this weekend xo


lucia m said...

beautiful dress!!


Beckerman Girls said...

I love love love that fish print dress! Mary is brilliant and so is your bloggy!
Big kiss,

xox Beckerman Girls


LOIS said...

oh i love this! I really can't wait for Primark to open up here in Berlin :D
Love Lois xxx


Sarah Annette said...

The structure of this dress is stunning!

xchristybx said...

LOVE this dress but can't find it in my local primark, boo :( x