Thursday, 19 April 2012


Elle Brazil (April 2012) x Georgia Jagger

Despite seeming a little too similar to a certain editorial featuring Miss Moss, I kinda fell in love with this when I found it randomly on the internet due to the poofy skirts, gold glitter boots  and costume-like nature of the styling. If I could wear a crown on my head everyday, I would.

Also somewhat in love with the dark purple lip colour. Beaut.

It also feels very fitting with the Queen's jubilee being this year and everything - I guess this is about as patriotic as I get!


Dripping-In-Gold said...

love these photos! your blog is great, i love reading it and your style of writing is so sophisticated! (:
- Sophie xx

Kelly Malka said...

wow these photos are brilliant. i love the pictures you chose out put together, very inspiring.