Sunday, 19 February 2012

PPQ A/W 12

So, as my brief post yesterday suggested, on Friday I was invited to attend the PPQ A/W 12 show on Friday. Not only this, but I had a front row seat, and access to the after party!*

 The show itself was incredible. It was actually my first fashion show (excluding one I styled while at University), and I don't think I could have asked for more from the experience. I mean, sitting FROW at your first fashion show is pretty incredible! From the second the lights came up and the model picked up the bike (which made me 'lol' a little) I just knew I was where I want need to be.

Due to only having a point-and-shoot (that decided to misbehave by staying on macro the whole time...!?!?!) I only have a few semi-good pictures, which definitely do not do the show any justice!

For me the clothes were close to perfection and everything I want to wear: fuzzy fabrics, leggings with embellished knees, lots of green (which seems to be the colour of the season, no?), lots of flowy fabrics and a pretty awesome black red ridinghood-style coat with embellishment surrounding the face.

Why do I say close to perfection? Well, I have to say I do tend to agree with's review of the show, more specifically when they stated the following:

"'s worth mentioning that no one comes to PPQ for fine craftsmanship, but seeing models hobble painfully down the runway in ill-fitting dresses spoiled some of today's fun."

It's sad to say, but it is slightly true that perhaps the craftsmanship of PPQ isn't entirely refined, yet for me the clothes were still incredible (and if you're willing to nearly show your foufou, wearable), and the experience as a whole was something I'll never forget.
Also, while I don't think that any fun was spoiled for me by the models 'hobbling' (I don't think that my fun could have been spoiled if I was sat in the back row on a bench of hot coals), it was a little unnerving and I did find myself wondering whether one model in particular (see picture three) was going to tumble!


I realise my pictures are pretty shit, but as this was my LFW virginity I feel it needed to be documented! My favourite was (perhaps slightly obviously?) the final look, and final picture of this post, of a green peplum jacket with embellished leggings. I NEED a highstreet brand to convincingly recreate the PPQ leggings come autumn. I'm looking at you, Topshop.

I also have a semi-visible video of the final walk which I was planning to post but for some reason it won't upload and so will have to wait!

*The after party was, in one word, cool. Which made me feel decidedly uncool. Which isn't a problem, it gives me something to aspire to (ha! please note the sense of irony). Anyway, in short, the music was amazing (vintage R'n'B), drinks were free (vintage G'n'T) and the kind of crowd that is a people watcher's dream. Elodie and I did find ourselves comparing ourselves to Lauren and Whitney in the first series of The Hills. So many cool people, too little time.

This post in 5 words? Can't wait 'til next time.

6 comments: said...

Aw your photos turned out pretty amazing!
been invited as well and couldn't attend, such a shame :(
Hope you had a well good time !
Kat// frock&roll

Kim said...

wow amazing! great photos

Anonymous said...

WOW, I now love PPQ thansk to your post! Amazing stuff x

Hannah said...

Ahh I'm so jealous! Lovely photos!

xo, H

Britt+Whit said...

wow so fun to be front row! this collection looks gorgeous!

love from San Francisco,

Fashion to Go said...

Pretty awesome. I have yet to lose my Fashion show virginity haha but am attending Toronto Fashion Week so totally looking forward to it. Thanks for the pics! Great ensembles.