Friday, 21 October 2011

Topshop 214 Magazine

Now, I'm gonna start by saying that I generally don't see myself as someone who is a slave to a particular brand. Despite having preferences, there isn't any one particular brand I would deem as a favourite and you'll never really see me in an outfit that's entirely from one highstreet shop.

Having said this (and I realise that I'm going back on myself a little here...) Topshop is the one brand/high street shop that if someone had a gun to my head, I would probably pick as my favourite.* It just fits my style aesthetic pretty damn well.

Alors... Needless to say when Topshop released their 214 magazine as a guide to the new season, I was pretty very excited, although slightly skeptical, as sometimes these freebie Magazines come across as exactly what they are: one big advertisement.

In my opinion, 214 Magazine cleverly avoids this, despite at it's heart being nothing more than a lookbook. The editorials are slick; the articles are insightful; the content is what people want (even though they may not realise: Hello Kaya Scodelario, I'd forgotten about you). They dig under the aesthetic and take a look at things that influence personal style. It's just generally well thought out and accessible to everyone.

So, without further adieu here are my favourite bits:

The perfect lip colour on the cover
 Taken from an article on vintage. Love.
The (somewhat) forgotten Kaya Scodelario (sorry!). 
Final page of print.

And just one more thing: I love it when magazines include pages such as the one above, because I think that it's easy to forget just how much work goes into a fashion show. I read these stats to a friend on the train (who isn't quite as interested in fashion) and she could hardly believe it. My reply was something along the lines of if this is what goes into a Topshop fashion show... imagine the stats for a Chanel show. Insane.

This also leads me a random conversation I had with a Maths student (bear with me) in Manchester last week. With the rise of blogging, street style and the high street, fashion is becoming so trend driven that it is at times, entirely disposable. With this being the case, at the rate this is happening it scares me that fashion could move away from being like pieces of art (I'm talking more at the designer end now), to being like a painted postcard an elderly aunt may send you from a random cruise destination. I.e. After a while you throw it away with minimal regret and consequently forget about it. This may seem extreme, but it's sad to think, right?*

Anyway, I've rambled enough for today. Happy Friday everyone!

Images, as ever, scanned by me. Taken from Topshops A/W '11 214 Magazine. Free in-store.

*I'm excluding designer from this, to nip another ramble in the bud before it starts!
*Yes I really did have this conversation with a Maths student. Doing a Masters nonetheless.


Beckerman Girls said...

Awesome mag!! We got the other Topshop mag, they just opened in Toronto and we LOVE IT! And have been getting the BEST pieces!
Big kiss,
Beckerman sistas

Sammie said...

awesome pictures :)


Arden said...

This is so beautiful, love the dimmed lighting and the prints xx

Francesca Felix said...

cant wait to get my hands on one of these. I haven't been to the store yet!

Molliee said...

really fab photos! Happy Friday!


Jo said...

this is great! doesn't look like like the regular promo magazine.

jo from

Sarah said...

Lovely topshop photos. I have to say, for me topshop are hit and miss. Don't get me wrong sometimes they have absolutely gorgeous pieces in store and I spend and absurd amount of money there, but some of their pieces are a bit out there for me.


Daisy said...

Lovely post :)

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The Topshop 214 Magazine is so gorgeous! Very fascinating pictures! We love it very much! Very lovely post! :)

MUCH love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

rouli said...

amazin post and blog here dear

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rouli xx

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great pics

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Looks like a neat magazine!

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These are beautiful pictures!

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CILLA B said...

These pics are great and yeah theres definately a lot of work that goes into a fashion show

Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
I like the bits you picked out, especially photo number 4 !


Betsan Evans said...

I love this magazine! and kaya xxx

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