Sunday, 9 October 2011

a ramble on tattoos

Getting a tattoo is something that I've been considering since I was eighteen. Unlike my urge for getting one, however, ideas of what I would actually ink myself with are sporadic at best. And not in a 'maybe I should get more than one' kind of way. I mean, if I had actually gone and gotten a sparrow on my ankle at eighteen like I had wanted,  I would probably be saving up for laser surgery right now!

Despite my reluctance to take the plunge, I can't deny that it makes me happy knowing that tattoos are much less taboo now than they were even a few years ago. Not so long ago models with tattoos would struggle to be hired, now Freja Beha, with her twelve tattoos, is one of the fashion world's preferred models. Her tattoos add to her and make her stand out; without them, would she be as successful?

Around the time I realised a tattoo was something I wanted (admittedly whilst travelling... cliché much?) UK Vogue actually printed an article on the subject, which started an argument in my mind that has lasted the three years since I read it. I have managed to find a write up of due to some nifty 'googling'. Find it here.*

Needless to say I'm on the fence. I think some tattoos are beautiful, some... well... aren't. I think they're a great and unique way to showcase individuality (rather like a permanent way of 'dressing for your personality'... a permanent accessory if you like), but as it states in the Vogue article... there's something refreshing about virgin skin. But then scars are beautiful and show where a person has been and displays a personality quirk that may have otherwise remained hidden. But then even without 'meaning' they can look sooooooo cute like in the above picture, which I saw and promptly thought 'who wouldn't want a giraffe tattoo... I'm gonna pencil me an appointment right now!'  

Do you see my problem here? I'm too indecisive. 

After moving on from Sparrows to wanting some writing, I'm currently wanting something Hummingbird related on my thigh. This has been my number one tattoo area since seeing Zana's (of Garbage Dress) tattoo (here). I think placement is everything. Would a giraffe tattoo look anywhere near as good if it was on an arm? No, it wouldn't.

So in rapid conclusion, I guess it's something I'll do eventually... I'm always asking people about their tattoos (do you guys have any?) and discussing potential designs/placements/meanings. Until then I guess I'll just enjoy my virgin skin.
Image scanned by me, taken from Jalouse Magazine.

*I actually still have the article... tried to find the original article online but couldn't. If anyone's really bothered I could probably scan it!


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I'm very indecisive too. I've been wanting to get a tattoo for 4 years now and still haven't made up my mind on where and what.

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