Tuesday, 20 September 2011

a ramble on denim shirts

So, as pretty much everyone is aware, after a long period of being forgotten in  the 90's, the denim shirt made a pretty fierce comeback a while ago: so much so that I think that around 90% of the world's population (probably) has one hanging/folded in their wardrobe (I have 2). And why not? I mean, it goes with pretty much everything, when worn in they are extremely comfortable and now, it is considered somewhat fashionable.

I definitely counted myself as a denim shirt lover, despite a slight aversion to jeans. In my second year at University, I think my uniform of black opaques, black body-con dress and over-sized denim shirt became - for want of a better word - slightly infamous. I became somewhat obsessed with snubbing brands like Topshop (who were selling denim shirts for around £30; I dread to think how much designers sold them for), by finding denim shirts in charity shops: I bought both of mine for £3: a Levi's and a Wrangler which would have cost at least 10X the price when new.

But lately, I don't know... I guess I haven't felt the love. I feel like the denim shirt has been so overdone that I pass over any look styled with a denim shirt. It's almost too accessible. Too generic. Before long I had  retired mine to the the back of the wardrobe without even realising.

But then... the above picture... quite simple styling but wow, an outfit styled with a denim shirt was my favourite out of an editorial! This never happens anymore, especially as some parts of the look are simple, and in my mind, quite commonly paired with a denim shirt (the black trousers, brown belt...). I tend to prefer a bit of the unexpected in an editorial.
There is just something, however, that feels remarkably fresh... I think it makes a big difference that the shirt isn't the focal point... The outfit doesn't say 'wearing a denim shirt = fashionable'. I guess it just has the kind of understated cool that I am constantly trying to achieve!

It also helps that the trousers are fringed and I have serious hair envy for the model! But seriously... denim shirts? Am I about to dig mine out again? I don't know. There also seems to be a slight return of denim on the catwalk for S/S 12, but nothing has really grabbed me. Maybe if I owned that Poncho/Blanket.

Shot taken from French Grazia and (as ever) scanned by me. I picked up loads of French magazines on my trip so expect more from them! Also, thanks to those who wished me well: I had a great time! And also thanks for all the sweet comments on my previous posts, you're all so nice!


LoopyWriter said...

Ahhh I remember your denim shirt of second year fondly. I think you wore it that time we decided to wander to Tescos after class. Should I look into getting one?

Sophie said...

Slightly overdone, but try and think of this as a challenge to wear it in a new, fresh way


lucillejoy said...

thing is, I didn't do the denim shirt at all when it was every where not so long ago and just bought one this summer. I don't know if I just tried to avoid the trend or if I was just too uncool to get in on the action in time hahaa. I wear it for my own personal ease and taste now though and not for being on trend or whatever, love how it's styled here and like the idea of challenging myself to wear a denim shirt in new ways, interesting post, I liked it! Definitely get a poncho blanket thing because I've just got one from H&M and it's so fabulous!


minnja said...

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Miss paperplanes said...

amazing. I follow you !!!



indie.electronic.alternative. said...

i have a sweater like this from free people and i'm dying for when the temperatures drop so i can wear it!