Saturday, 27 August 2011

s'il vous plait (?)

Rain cape: Burberry £795

I am in two minds about this cape.

Half of me thinks that it's a great idea: personally I hate coats in winter because it covers up the outfit underneath. In my opinion wearing a coat wastes the outfit underneath. Unless of course you're rich enough to be able to afford 50 different coats to match with each outfit or to be show-stopping enough to compensate. I unfortunately cannot afford this luxury. This Burberry beauty (?) kind-of solves that problem; who needs to worry about  outfit coordination when it's see-through. It would make getting dressed pretty brainless!
Plus the neck-tie is cute.

On the other hand, it kind of looks like it was found in a Primark bargain bin.*

At least I'll never have to make a concrete decision since £795 is slightly out of my price range...

*Sorry Christopher Bailey.


Magnet said...

I freaking love that thing. I believe I saw a similar cape (obviously a rip off) on le blog de sushi, it also looked pretty cool. I think I'd buy it.. but winter is ending in Melbourne right now.

Michelle's Style File said...

I think it's adorable!


Mongs said...

looks cute! It's a good idea like you said, it reveals the outfit underneath. I probably got to save very hard to buy this coat.

Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way!


Rara said...

You could probably make this yourself or like you say get it out of primark. Yet your paying for the quality of it being handmade, and it kind of looks like a tuxedo raincoat.
Which is kinda unique, it's still gorgeous.