Tuesday, 21 June 2011

got it from my momma

Having recently moved back into my parents house after living with friends for 3 years, I'm currently having to sift through a lot of crap that I've accumulated. Whilst sorting through some old photos I came across this beauty:

Yep, that's my Mum and me, sat on a sand dune.

The thing about this picture is... my Mum looks so cool. Achingly cool. Printed denim cut-offs: check. Cropped top: check. Pumps: check. Gaga/Lennon glasses: check. I literally looked at this picture and said something resembling 'get out of town, my mother was a fox' (although, less Americanised, more British, because, well, I'm English... and therefore don't use phrases like 'no freakin' way' or 'y'all').

When I found that I could recreate this entire look in Topshop (albeit for about 3x the price, go figure), I realised that the 90's are well and truly making a comeback, WOOP! I have to say, this genuinely excites me as I did have some of the best years of my life in that decade (think carefree playing, Barbies, Dolls, 90's boy bands and the crushes that accompany... most of whom are also making a comeback).

So here I am, making a montage to my Mother's 90's fashion:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a pair of shorts identical to those of my mother, which were, in fact, red and white gingham check. Instead I narrowed it down to 3 pairs, my favourites being the fringed ones on the left; imagine the swooshing!

Apologies for the fact that my outfit is not visible in the photo, I know a post dedicated to recreating my childhood fashion would have been preferable (I can tell you it revolved around a dashing pair of lime green 'Spice Girls cycling shorts).

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nathalie said...

This is really cool. Moms really do know best...